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Specialized packaging solutions

Unique packaging solutions and experts who contribute added value.

Every day, we develop unique packaging for a whole raft of industries and businesses, including the industrial, foodstuffs and retail sectors. Whatever your industry, we start by focusing on the end-user. We are accountable for the entire process, from ordering to delivery, and we quickly and easily accommodate our customers’ wishes and requirements.

• Retail packaging
Retail and Take-Away packaging of all shapes and sizes, imprinted with the customer’s logo and profile. Innovative concept packaging with a focus on branding, food hygiene and consumer trends, to create a consistent, recognisable top-of-mind effect for the end-user.

• Production and logistics packaging
Packaging developed and customised to be incorporated directly into the customer’s production line, as well as transportation packaging to protect and secure products and components during transportation and storage. Tailor-made solutions to help make the customer’s entire supply chain more efficient.

• Packaging for e-commerce
All types of protective product packaging for e-commerce. Packaging ensures smooth delivery and returns, while speeding up delivery and improving security, the user experience and branding vis-à-vis the end-customer.

• Food packaging
Packaging solutions tailored to the production and handling of foodstuffs. A strong focus on hygiene, traceability and documentation. We are your guarantee of consistently high quality, and because we are ISO-certified, we are able to document all our processes. Read more here

• Printed packaging products
Tape, strapping, foil and labels printed as specified by the customer, including profile printing, barcodes, lists of ingredients or hazard labels. Obvious opportunities for marketing, but also for improving safety, handling and the working environment. Read more here

• Specially designed packaging
Specially developed packaging to address specific challenges facing the customer’s value chain, e.g. transportation issues or challenges surrounding temperature-sensitive products. Our Design Centre works closely with all the practical aspects of design. Read more here

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Antalis Packaging

At Antalis Packaging you will find a wide range of consumer products for your business. We provide customer based solutions within industrial packaging, food packaging, cleaning, catering, IT products, stationery and office supplies.

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