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Palle EUR, brugt 1200x800mm
Palle EUR, brugt 1200x800mm EUR 21.75
(EUR 27.19)
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Pallelomme blå A4 50stk/pk til pallerammer
Pallelomme blå A4 50stk/pk til pallerammer From EUR 1.11
(From EUR 1.39)
(Sold in packages of 50 units)
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Engangspalle 1200x800x15mm
Engangspalle 1200x800x15mm EUR 13.97
(EUR 17.46)
(Sold in packages of 50 units)
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Palle låg 1200x800mm 90029
Palle låg 1200x800mm 90029 EUR 14.17
(EUR 17.71)
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Engangspalle 800x600x15mm
Engangspalle 800x600x15mm EUR 10.02
(EUR 12.53)
(Sold in packages of 96 units)
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Engangspalle 1200x800x15mm m/påhæftet bølgepap bund 14
Engangspalle 1200x800x15mm m/påhæftet bølgepap bund 14 EUR 20.63
(EUR 25.79)
(Sold in packages of 20 units)
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By choosing the right pallet, you ensure that your goods are transported optimally. At Antalis Packaging, we offer a wide range of pallets for both smaller and more bulky items. Our selection includes disposable pallets, Inca pallets, pallet collars, plastic pallets and of course EU pallets / EUR pallets. The pallets come in many sizes and qualities, including our EU pallets in both full pallet and half pallet size. Our plastic pallets are suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries, as they are approved for food contact and are also very easy to clean. Both our disposable and reusable pallets are approved in relation to the applicable standards and at the same time we have an ongoing focus on selecting suppliers who meet our standards of environmental and sustainability. This applies not only for pallets, but for all our products. Our product specialists have extensive experience in guiding companies on how they can use less transport packaging, and thus protecting the environment and improve production efficiency.
Antalis Packaging

At Antalis Packaging you will find a wide range of consumer products for your business. We provide customer based solutions within industrial packaging, food packaging, cleaning, catering, IT products, stationery and office supplies.

Antalis Visual Communication

In Antalis Visual Communication, we specialize in creating the best sign & digital solutions for you and your business. You get access to a wide range of brands and a team of product and market specialists.

Antalis CC&CO Packaging:
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7500 Holstebro
+45 7010 3366
Antalis CC&CO VTS:
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+45 7572 2100
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