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Design Center

Innovative packaging design

Our in-house Design Centre can help you with standard and specialised solutions alike.  We offer well-qualified advice and coaching on all aspects of packaging design, and close collaboration with several different manufacturers guarantees access to the best possible solutions to meet our customers’ needs. For example, we are able to help you with:

• The right solution for transportation and storage
- We have the necessary knowledge of transportation issues, stacking, shape, strength and cost reduction

• Eye-catching sales packaging
- Our packaging designers are experts when it comes to attracting attention using shape, colour, effects and text

• The complete design concept
- For your company’s entire packaging collection or a turnkey solution for your store or restaurant

•  Optimisation of your existing solutions
- Let us take a fresh look at your company’s packaging

• Gifts and gimmicks with flair and personality
- Make gift packaging for your customers special and personal, or have us create a fun or tricky gimmick

Coaching and consultancy

We help you with standard and specialist solutions alike, and we take on all sorts of projects – from optimising existing packaging to developing brand-new types of packaging. Packaging and package design. Whether you need specially designed packaging for transportation, product protection, sales packaging or production packaging , we offer well-founded consultancy and coaching.

Ideal solutions for your business

Close collaboration with several different manufacturers ensures our customers get just the right solutions for their needs. The products are all designed using corrugated cardboard – a strong, yet eco-friendly material – which serves as a surprisingly strong alternative to other types of packaging. We want to be your preferred coaching partner and deliver a service that is much more than a product. We want to help our customers achieve gains in other areas of their business.

For example, you can read here about how the Design Centre helped TMK to reduce its complaints rate(In Danish).

Award-winning packaging design

Our Design Centre has developed packaging solutions for a whole raft of Danish companies, and accolades include the Scandinavian Scanstar Prize for our innovative, eco-friendly packaging designed for Kjær Sommerfeldt Vin.

Find out more about what we can do for you

The Design Centre has two highly skilled staff with extensive experience. Both are standing by to offer help and guidance so that, working together, you can develop that very special custom packaging solution to suit your needs precisely.

Antalis Packaging

At Antalis Packaging you will find a wide range of consumer products for your business. We provide customer based solutions within industrial packaging, food packaging, cleaning, catering, IT products, stationery and office supplies.

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