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You already know us – perhaps without realising it.

You’ve probably sipped coffee from one of our disposable cups, taken a ride in a taxi emblazoned with our advertising foil – received a package in our special packaging – or been given a business card that was memorable because it was printed on some rather unusual paper. Many of our customers’ staff use one of our products every day.

Packaging: Industrial packaging, packaging solutions & transportation and storage machinery.

Food service: Food packaging, Canteen & Catering as well as Cleaning & Wiping.

Office: Paper, office supplies & IT products.

Print: Paper & Card, creative paper & envelopes

Visual Communication: Hardware & Media for signs and large-format print.

Antalis leads the way in Europe with consultancy and Print, Office, Packaging, Food Service and Visual Communication deliverables. Each day, we deliver products and services to many different industries – quite a feat when it comes to know-how!

Specialisations are a passion for our people, and they are up-to-date with the latest know-how in their field, in each product area and in your industry. So you can rest assured that you will receive well-founded answers to your questions and high-level specialist advice, whether you require standard products or a unique, customised solution.
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We have four core values:

T – Team Spirit
E – Empowerment and Trust
A – Accountability
M – Mindset for Change)

To back up each of these values, we have identified behaviour that describes practical, everyday actions that bring these values to life and help our staff to understand what is expected of them.


We were established in Holstebro, Denmark, in 1918 under the name of Christian Christensen & Co. The business was family-owned until 2000, but over the almost 100 years of the company’s existence, it has undergone many major changes and had various names, including CC&CO and PaperlinX. In 2016, the company merged with Antalis A/S, and we are now able to offer both breadth and depth of range, as well as specialist knowledge covering a vast majority of industries.

Steen Murmann, Managing Director

Antalis Packaging

At Antalis Packaging you will find a wide range of consumer products for your business. We provide customer based solutions within industrial packaging, food packaging, cleaning, catering, IT products, stationery and office supplies.

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Bastrupgaardvej 8-10
7500 Holstebro
CVR NR: DK 16 27 97 81

Antalis CC&CO Packaging:
Bastrupgaardvej 8-10
7500 Holstebro
+45 7010 3366
Antalis CC&CO VTS:
Valdemar Poulsenvej 5-7
7100 Vejle
+45 7572 2100
CVR NR: DK 36 09 92 16